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Place for your stuff Leanne

I remember when I got my first job as an Economic Development Officer in a small town in Saskatchewan a few years back, I managed to pack all my belongings into little Toyota Echo as a minimalist bachelor and made it all the way to Regina.

Fast forward to 2014, after being married with two children, we needed two trips with a 14-foot U-Haul cargo truck to get all our belongings to the home we presently live in – a stark contrast to my moving days while I was a bachelor. Feeling the burden of being saddled with “stuff”, my wife and I switched to purge mode. We got rid of unneeded items on Kijiji, at Goodwill and the Edmonton Recycling Depot. It really made a difference - uncluttering our home, freeing up more space and reducing the amount of cleaning. Purging can indeed simplify ones’ lifestyle but sometimes there are legitimate reasons to invest in storage.

The self storage industry in one of the fastest growing industries in North America. It’s no surprise because we have a lot of stuff, and we like to keep it. Self-storage can be a wise financial and personal move when:

  • Moving, buying, or selling a home (e.g. If you’re moving for your job and don’t yet have a place to live.)
  • Paying for a bit of extra space (if you have trouble fitting into your space and it doesn’t make sense to upgrade your home.)
  • Protecting an investment (antique cars, collections etc.)
  • For business purposes (i.e. small business owners such as contractors and lawn care companies)

Place For Your Stuff is a locally owned self storage facility in Pro North Industrial Park I visited early this year. The facility is located 5 minutes north of St. Albert, 10 minutes south of Morinville, or 15 minutes west of the Garrison Military Base. 

Place For Your Stuff has 854 storage units in 5, 10 or 20 feet sizes with interior LED lighting at lower rates compared to similar units in Morinville, St. Albert and Edmonton – check out their website for current deals. One unique aspect of this facility is the convenience it provides customers – online registration and payments, and 24/7 gates access to your personal belongings. Take a video tour of the facility below.

Jakub, the onsite manager gave me a brief tour and I must say I was very impressed – the site was clear of snow, clean and visibly well maintained. It was also secured with motion sensors, cameras and a computer controlled gate access for additional security. Place for your stuff provides 5, and 10-foot storage units for your contents. 

Standard 5' Unit (5.0x8.0x9.0)  Standard 10' Unit (10.0x8.0x9.0) 
 This sized unit 360 cu/ft will fit appliances, furniture, boxes, bed set, clothes, lawn equipment. Similar to the contents that would fit a 8 foot moving truck.
 This sized unit 720 cu/ft will fit appliances, furniture, boxes, a snowblower or motorbike. Similar to the contents of what would fit in a 10-foot moving truck.

You’ll also be glad to know that they are a member of the St. Albert and District Chamber of Commerce in 2017. If you have an M2M discount card, you could get 10 percent off your storage fee! For more information on storage availability, contact Yakub at (587) 764-0119.

Place for your stuff makes us #SturgeonProud

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