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The Countryside Potter and her works

I visited Heather’s Pottery which is just 20 minutes north of Edmonton in the Town of Bon Accord. Inside the studio, there was a panorama of shelves that were filled with porcelain dishes - beautiful in all shapes and sizes, and dazzling in their glazes. I was warmly greeted by the warm owner of the studio – Heather Edwards and one friendly grey cat. Although I had questions about her business and how that was going, I was more eager to learn how she got involved with pottery. I found her story quite fascinating.

Heather was born and raised in Fort Saskatchewan and began her pottery career 43 years ago. She was invited to a pottery class by a friend to which she reluctantly decided to go. After an introduction to the craft through a local pottery guild, she knew her future was designing with clay. For many years she refined her craft by practicing on a home-made wheel built by her father.

Heather has come a long way in finding her identify as an artist since her first piece. Today, her collection embodies simple, classic but elegant forms. They consist of a diverse Celtic line and custom-made art pieces. Her contrasting glaze colours are remarkably true to a style that is sophisticated and contemporary. Each piece is an expression of unique style that perfectly complements home furnishings and decor.  Heather makes about 3,000 to 4,000 pieces of pottery annually – insanely labour-intensive, but the results are lovely.

What I found most impressive during my visit was her work live right in the middle of her studio of finished pieces. It’s quite fascinating to watch a potter pull up a smooth vessel from a shapeless mound of clay. If you click on the picture you’ll see a clip of her working on a piece below:

Heather has been able to strike a balance between her product lines of functional and gift ware and exclusive one - of - a - kind decorative works. She reserves time for art designs that inspire originality and fun...meaning she can design custom pieces for clients that don't need to fit into any category of work that she's made before.

I’ll be visiting her studio again very soon. My wife and I have a close friend who got married this December and it was a perfect opportunity to pick up a couple of unique pieces for her and her new husband. If you want to find that special handmade gift that will be cherished by your loved one or a friend for a long time, Pottery by Heather in Bon Accord is the perfect place to visit.

Heather sells also her work at the Calgary and Canmore Highland Games and the Butterdome annual craft sale. She hosts two Work of Our Hands sales events a year and many other local artisans join her for this semi-annual event.

Pottery by Heather

4740 50 St, Bon Accord

(780) 921-3480

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