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Turning waste into value Leanne

Tires that are no longer suitable for use on vehicles due to wear or irreparable damage are among the largest and most problematic sources of waste, due to the large volume produced, their durability, and the fact that they contain a number of components that are ecologically problematic. Approximately six million tires are recycled per year in Alberta and a Sturgeon company called Eco-Flex Rubber Solutions is an important link in the recycled rubber manufacturing chain.

Eco-flex Rubber Solutions is a company founded by CEO, Alan Champagne in 1992. The 24 year old company is an industry leader in manufacturing high value end use recycled rubber products that are used for industrial, municipal, commercial, agricultural and residential applications.

Eco-flex manufacturers a range of products within a 35,000 square feet manufacturing facility situated 30 minutes north of Edmonton. The company was featured on Today in America by Terry Bradshaw. This short clip will give you a great overview of the business.

Recycled rubber products have a range of advantages that makes it a popular choice for high traffic environments. Now with a selection of colors, patterns and textures, these products are also finding their way into residential interior and exterior applications.

There are three main lines of product that Eco-flex Rubber Solutions manufactures and sells:

• Automotive products which include parking stops, speed bumps, rumble mats and sound barriers. See list of products

• Commercial and residential products include rubber flooring, yard tiles, stair treads and landscaping edging. See list of products

• Industrial products include rig and floor mats, safety walkways and ramps. See list of products

So what makes rubber a superior choice for each of these applications?

Durability is often mentioned as a major advantage of rubber - it’s strong, tough and resilient in a variety of conditions. They do not crumb or flake apart over time and so they tend to have better longevity.


Low Maintenance: Rubber can be very easy to take care of and is generally stain resistant.

Water resistant: Rubber is nonporous, meaning it is resilient against mildew and mold. This makes rubber ideal for wet environments or areas prone to moisture.


Soft and pliable: Rubber is a comfortable surface for areas where people must stand for long periods of time. The cushioning reduces the occurrence of fatigue and foot injury. Rubber parking stops for example, are more forgiving when you misjudge and drive over them.

Sound properties: Rubber can minimize sound between floors in a building. Because of its elasticity, it can reduce noise from walking to moving heavy loads.

Fire and burn resistance: Rubber is resistant to burns left from cigarette butts and other small heat sources.

Range of colors: There are five colors and a variety of patterns available. The growing popularity of rubber flooring for example, is inspiring new designs by architects.

Choice of textures: The surface of rubber mats can be manufactured with raised dimples, studs, and other complex textures that enhance traction and minimize slips in wet areas.

So, before you spend your money on new flooring, take a look at these advantages again and see the products for yourself. If you’re interested in learning more about the Eco-flex product lines for a specific application or require a quote for a project, contact them by phone at 780 961 3229 or by email You may also visit them at 57425 RR253, Sturgeon County, AB or purchase their products from Burnco Landscape Centers in Alberta.

Eco-Flex makes us #SturgeonProud

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