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Advanced Energy

Recently ranked one of Western Canada's top 10 Best Communities For Business, Sturgeon County continues to attract world class companies who excel in the energy industry.

Local Opportunities for Growth and Development

Gas Feedstock Supply

Alberta’s secure gas feedstock supply and domestic demand will offer a strong business case for the petrochemical sector in the production of ethylene, styrene, fertilizers, propylene, iso-octane, butadiene and more.


As a founding member of Alberta’s Industrial Heartland, there are several planned and ongoing pipeline projects that will expand opportunities for tenants within this Industrial area. For instance, the TransCanada Heartland Pipeline project will transport up to 900,000 barrels of crude oil a day. In addition, the TransCanada Grand Rapids project will consist of a dual pipeline system to transport crude oil and diluent between northern Alberta and the Heartland region. The Alberta Carbon Trunk Line is a 240 km pipeline that will collect CO2 from industrial emitters in and around the Industrial Heartland to transport to aging reservoirs throughout Alberta. This will form the largest carbon capture and storage project in the world.

Crude Bitumen, Crude Oil, Natural Gas, and Coal

Alberta remains the largest producer of energy in Canada with significant reserves of conventional and shale oil and bitumen. These reserves offer producers both gas sales and value-added processing opportunities. A summary of reserves and annual production determined by the Alberta Energy Regular for crude bitumen, crude oil, natural gas, and coal is as follows:

  Crude bitumen
(billion barrels)
Crude oil
(billion barrels)
Natural gas
(trillion cubic feet)
Raw coal
(billion tons)
Remaining established 165 1.6 28.2 36.6
Annual production 0.897 0.166 3.8 0.028

Infrastructure Support

Sturgeon County is supported by flexible infrastructure to enable producers to transport products locally, nationally, or internationally. The vast network involves all modes of transportation, from pipelines, rail, air and an extensive road system.

Air service in greater Edmonton offers non-stop connections to approximately 60 Canadian, US and International destinations. Five integrated couriers, 20 freight forwarders and 17 different airlines serve the nearby Edmonton International Airport.

CN Rail offers over 20,000 miles of track on North America and serves close to 75 per cent of the U.S. population with $250 billion worth of goods transported annually.

Driving Growth

Increased business investments will strengthen Sturgeon County’s economy. Primary exports will continue to drive growth in addition to manufacturing, petrochemical production, engineering technology and supply and service sectors.

Major Energy Corporations in Sturgeon County

Northwest Redwater Partnership

Williams Energy Canada

Access Pipeline

Clearstream Energy

Pembina Pipeline Corporation

Trans Canada


Local Production

Natural Gas

  • Methanol
  • Urea Ammonia


  • Olefins
  • Ethylene & Propylene


  • Polyethylene
  • Ethylene Oxide and derivatives
  • Ethylene Glycol


  • Polypropylene
  • Polypropylene Oxide
  • Polypropylene Glycol

Start in Sturgeon

Start in Sturgeon is the Economic Development initiative of Sturgeon County, Alberta. The county encompasses a large area of land with several towns and hamlets throughout. 

Sturgeon County has become home to 40+ world class companies. Is yours next? 

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