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Value-Added Agriculture

Widespread interest in fresh, locally produced cuisine combined with the rising cost of imported food has led to recent growth of the value added agriculture sector. Sturgeon County is poised to capitalize on this opportunity given its advantageous location, strength in the agriculture industry, and aggressive rural development strategy.



Sturgeon County’s agriculture businesses range in size and type, making this industry diversified within itself. The County is home to many grain and livestock producers. Large agricultural businesses in the County include Canada’s largest canola seed processor (Bunge) and a publicly traded company that crosses the entire agricultural value-chain (Agrium). These and other research facilities and logistics firms are important contributors to the sector.

# 1 in gross farm receipts within Edmonton Region: 832 farms

Major Agriculture Corporations in Sturgeon County


Mountain Meadows Food Processing



Alberta Oats Milling


Sector opportunities


Sturgeon County has a large volume of by-products for developing unique, high quality pulps using post-harvest agricultural residues from cereals and oilseeds. This will help satisfy a rapidly growing demand for environmentally sustainable papers.


Competitive markets increase the importance of efficient logistics. Reducing costs, increasing service levels, and speeding up order fulfillment time is a priority. Among the current needs of our food sector are freight services, temperature-controlled or ambient storage, and batch tracking and tracing.


Farming and ranching make up the largest component of the agri-food industry in the County. This makes the region an excellent source of raw goods for the agri-food processing sector. Services that would complement this sector include processors that cut, wrap, or freeze food.

Start in Sturgeon

Start in Sturgeon is the Economic Development initiative of Sturgeon County, Alberta. The county encompasses a large area of land with several towns and hamlets throughout. 

Sturgeon County has become home to 40+ world class companies. Is yours next? 

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