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A Strong and Growing Infrastucture

Sturgeon County provides essential infrastructure services to create a thriving, interconnected, and diverse business climate. The County recently restructured its Capital Projects Plan to ensure resources are allocated in the most efficient and beneficial manner.

Sturgeon County has made substantial investments to improve infrastructure within its industrial parks in recent years. These investments have, and will continue to benefit existing companies and make Sturgeon County an even more attractive destination for prospective clients


Canadian National (CN) Rail operates rail corridors and spurs in Alberta’s Industrial Heartland and Sturgeon Industrial Park. CN provides access to Alberta’s Industrial Heartland with rail lines running both north and south of the North Saskatchewan River toward Fort McMurray. Significant investment in Alberta’s Industrial Heartland is designed to meet current and future needs for transportation, storage, and distribution. This includes a new Sturgeon County Support Yard north of the river.

Natural Gas

Within Alberta’s Industrial Heartland, ATCO Gas Pipelines has a line extending from the Alberta Oil Sands Pipeline, heading northwest. Within Sturgeon Industrial Park, ATCO Gas Pipelines has high pressure steel gas lines that extend along the CN railway lines south of the Park.

Emergency Services

Alberta Health Services provides ambulance services to the Sturgeon County region. Many companies who operate industrial facilities within Alberta’s Industrial Heartland are members of Northeast Region Community Awareness Emergency Response (NR CAER). NR CAER provides the combined resources of industry, municipal, and other resources for emergencies requiring mutual aid intervention. It also ensures that the emergency response plans of its members are compatible and offers mutual aid response training to members. Through NR CAER, all municipal partners of Alberta’s Industrial Heartland have access to a central dispatch located in Sherwood Park.


Alberta’s Industrial Heartland area is served by provincial Highway 38, which connects to Highway 28 toward Edmonton. Sturgeon Industrial Park is also served by provincial Highway 2, which is the main north-south corridor entering Alberta from the United States and continuing north to the Peace River Oil Sands, Alberta’s third largest oil sands deposit.


Sturgeon County has major transmission lines and substations within Alberta’s Industrial Heartland and Sturgeon Industrial Park for industrial operations requiring large amounts of electricity.


The existing Northeast Water Services Commission (NWSC) line runs northeast from Sturgeon Industrial Park to Alberta’s Industrial Heartland region, where it changes alignment to run north toward the Town of Redwater. Plans and land acquisition are underway for another water line originating from the NWSC pump station to the Redwater reservoir.

Waste Water

The Alberta Capital Region Wastewater Commission (ACRWC) operates a regional trunk main which traverses the area from Gibbons to the Fort Saskatchewan Pumping Station. The Heartland waste water line constructed by Sturgeon County and Agrium originates from Agrium and joins the ACRWC line. This pipeline has been designed to accommodate additional flows.

Start in Sturgeon

Start in Sturgeon is the Economic Development initiative of Sturgeon County, Alberta. The county encompasses a large area of land with several towns and hamlets throughout. 

Sturgeon County has become home to 40+ world class companies. Is yours next? 

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